Arkanoid Amiga Cheats

Arkanoid Amiga

Arkanoid Cheats

  • Start the game as usual
  • While playing the game you can access the cheat mode by doing the following:
    • Pause the game with the Space Bar.
    • Now type DSIMAGIC or MINIMAGIC do not hit return
    • Press Space to unpause the game.
  • A yellow capsule ‘DS‘ will fall.
  • Catch it.
  • The following keys will make the following capsules fall at any time:
    • [B] – Break (Opens gates and awards bonus points)
    • [C] – Catch (Holds ball)
    • [D] – Disruption (Split into 3 balls)
    • [E] – Expand (Makes vaus larger)
    • [L] – Laser (Gives you a laser used with mouse button)
    • [P] – Extra Player (Self Explanatory)
    • [S] – Slow (Slows down ball)
  • Pressing F will send you to the last level to fight DOH.
  • You can skip any level by pressing ENTER.

Extra levels

In some versions of Arkanoid there are 33 extra levels that can be played.  To select the extra levels:

  • Press F3 when starting a one player game.
  • Press F4 for a two player game.


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