Armour-Geddon Amiga Cheats

Armour-Geddon Amiga

Armour-Geddon Cheat Mode

  • Access the message screen at the HQ
  • Move the pointer to the first letter of the yellow message
  • Hold ESC and press the Left Mouse Button
  • The phrase “You Wouldn’t Let It Die” will appear to confirm
  • you will have invincibility, unlimited fuel, and unlimited weapons
  • The game can not be completed when cheat mode is enabled
  • Repeat the code to disable cheat mode
  • The phrase “Look At The Size Of That Sausage!” will appear to confirm

Armour-Geddon Unlimited credits

  • At High Score Screen
  • Type ALF

Armour-Geddon Object editor

  • Move the pointer to the top left corner of the second title screen
  • Hold Left Shift and press the Left Mouse Button to display a vertical line
  • Use the following keys while in the editor
    • Zoom in – F9
    • Zoom out – F10
    • Rotate objects – Keypad
    • Previous object – Left
    • Next object – Right
    • Quit – Esc


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