Barbarian II Amiga Cheat

Barbarian II Amiga

Barbarian II Cheats

  • Level 1:  left, left, right seven times, left, right, left, in the cave, and right.
  • Level 2: right, up, left, up, left, left, right, left three times, up, and left.
  • Level 3: up, right, right, up, left, right, up, right, left, left, up, left, left, up, up, right, right, left, left, up.
  • Level 4: hit the fireballs, then try to leap across. Several low chops will destroy it.
  • Next is the Pit Demon; when he reaches out, use an overhead chop to hit his arms, repeat until death.
  • Next Drax himself.  Wait until he pauses between spells, and hit him with a flying head chop


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