Chaos Strikes Back Amiga Cheats

Chaos Strikes Back Amiga

Chaos Strikes Back Invincibility

  • Find a dragon
  • Press the ESC key to pause the game
  • Hold down the ALT key and type in LORD LIBRASULUS SMITHES THEE DOWN
  • Resume the game and kill the dragon
  • Collect the Firestaff he leaves behind and your party will be invincible

Increase Use of the Vorpal Blade

To increase the amount of times the Vorpal Blade can be used:

  • Attack with the a character
  • Then pass the weapon to another character for another attack
  • Pass the weapon back to the first character
  • Repeat

Kill Any Dragon

  • All characters need to be prepared with the MON IR VEN poison cloud spell
  • Select the green Freeze Life box on the dragon
  • Make each character cast two of the spells


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