Crazy Cars II Amiga Cheats

Crazy Cars II Amiga

Crazy Cars II Cheat

  • Accelerate up to 204 mph
  • Press F10 to pause the game
  • Press Fire to slow and pass the obstructions by moving to the left or right

Crazy Cars II Suggested Routes

  • Stage 1:  Take route 15 on your right, then route 70 on your left and keep going
  • Stage 2:  Take route 191 to your right, then route 666 on the left, and then route 160 on your left and keep going
  • Stage 3:  Take route 285 on the right and route 60 to your left
  • Stage 4:  Take route 70 on the right, route 54 on the left, route 25 on your right, route 10 to the left, and right on route 180


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