BattleToads & Double Dragon: The Ultimate Team SNES Cheats

BattleToads & Double Dragon SNES

Stage Select + 10 Lives

  • On Character Select Screen
  • Press Up Down Down Up X B Y A then Start
  • Screen Flickers to confirm
  • Select any Character and Press Start
  • Choose any Stage on Stage Select Screen
  • Start with 10 lives

Bonus Fighters

  • On Player Select Screen
  • Press and Hold Up A B
  • Then Press Start
  • You now have 5 fighters in reserve instead of 3
  • Re-enter code on the Continue Screen in order to receive the extra fighters when you continue

Mega Warp Zone

  • On Character Select Screen
  • On Controller 2Ā 
  • Up Down Up X B Y A then Start
  • Mega Warp Zone Screen appears

Homing Torpedo

You can shoot a homing torpedo on Levels 4-1 and 4-2. To shoot it:

  • Hold B or X and lock on an enemy.
  • When the target “Lock,” release B or X


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