Double Dragon Amiga Cheats

Double Dragon Amiga

Double Dragon: 2-Player Infinite Lives

I haven’t tested any of these codes so do not know if they will work.

  • Play the two player game
  • Get both players killed until you have only one credit left
  • The CONTINUE message is displayed on both sides of the screen
  • Press both fire buttons simultaneously

Double Dragon Kill All Opponents

  • On the title screen
  • You should be able to kill all opponents by pressing DELETE

Double Dragon Cheat Codes

  • On the title screen
  • Type the following:
    • To start on level one type:Ā LEVEL ONE PLEASE
    • To start on level two type: LEVEL TWO PLEASE and so on….
    • For the final level type: THE LAST LEVEL PLEASE
    • For extra energy type: GIVE ME MORE HEALTH PLEASE
    • For invincibility type: I DO NOT WANT TO DIE PLEASE
    • Try typing: Neil Harding on the high-score table and see what happens


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