ActRaiser SNES Cheats

Play ActRaiser in Professional Mode

To play only the action scenes you first have to finish the game.  Then if you move the cursor down at the title screen the words The “Professional” selection will appear below
“New Game”.  You don’t get any magic, regular monsters take twice as many hits to kill and you will be able to play through the action scenes only.


ActRaiser Extra 1-Ups

There are at least 3 extra 1-Ups to be had while completing the building of towns.

  • Cause it to rain over the lake east of Bloodpool, the people will find and present you with the first one.
  • In Kasandora, once you have uncovered the pyramid.  Cause an earthquake and another source of life will be uncovered.
  • Striking the Northwood temple with lightning reveal the third.


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