Alfred Chicken SNES Cheats

Alfred Chicken snes

Alfred Chicken Secret Room

  • On First Level of the Game
  • Find Balloon with Sunflower on it
  • On Bottom of Ledge jump past Balloon hitting opposite wall
  • Block will appear on Right of Screen
  • Jump on the Block and go to top left of screen
  • Once above Ceiling Press Up
  • You will be in a Room with a door on it
  • Enter door to access Warp-Matic Machine
  • Can warp to Levels 2,3,4,5

Alfred Chicken Scene Select

  • On the title screen, press Select, then Start to bring up the configuration screen
  • On the second controller hold A, X, L, R while pressing Start on the first controller
  • Now the scene selection screen should appear

More Level Passwords

  • On the Title screen go to Start the Use Password
  • For Level 8:  Balloon, 2-Up, Star, Moon, 1-Up
  • For Level 15:  2-Up, Star, Moon, 1-Up, Balloon

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