Donkey Kong Country SNES Cheats

Donkey Kong Country SNES

Continue and Bonus Lives DYDDY

When you have one life left DO NOT enter a Level which you have NOT Completed. If you “Die” in a Level you have not finished, then this will not work

  • Play the Game normally
  • Die and the Game Over Screen will appear
  • Press any button to return to Opening Screen
  • Press Down Y Down Down Y
  • You will now be in a cave, overhead are three of each Icon for the Animals you can ride in the game, the Rhino, Fish, Bird and Frog
  • Jump up, grab three Icons and you will play that Bonus Level
  • Play the Bonus Level and grab as many Tiny Icons as you can, for every 100 Icons collected you get one Extra Life.  Repeat as much as you like.
  • To Exit the Cave Press Start then Select
  • You will Return to the area where you left off and continue

Another DYDDY

  • On the screen that Grandpa appears and once the music starts
  • Press Down, Y, Down, Down, Y
  • You should now be able to select any bonus stage

Donkey Kong Country 50 Lives

  • On Saved Game Select Screen
  • Highlight ERASE GAME
  • Press B A R R A L
  • Tone Confirms
  • Select Game you wish to Start/Continue
  • Play Begins with 50 Lives

Easy Mine Cart Level 

Instead of jumping into the barrel at the start of “Mine Cart Maddness“, jump over it and come back around the wall.  Haha you will be catapulted across the majority of the level.

Stop and Go Station Warp

  • Jump towards the entrance at the the Stop & Go Station when entering
  • When you collide with the wall keep holding forward
  • A secret warp will take you to the exit of the level

Level 1 Extra Lives

  • On Level 1
  • At the start climb up the rocks and enter the hut behind you
  • Find the red balloon worth 1 life
  • Finished the level
  • Return to the level, collect the balloon,
  • Press Start + Select to exit the level
  • Repeat until you have the desired number of lives

Maniac Mincers Extra Lives

  • In Maniac Mincers
  • Find the Krusha stuck in a hole
  • Use Diddy to drop on top of him
  • Keep bouncing on him for extra lives


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