F-ZERO Master Level

To get the opportunity to race at Master Level you have to complete all five tracks in a grand prix at the expert level

F-ZERO Early Lead

Unless you drive the Golden Fox (the yellow car), you can always get an initial speed increase by using the quick start (hold down the accelerator to full before start) and leaning to the right.  By moving into the next “lane” you can force them to hit you from behind
giving you a nice little push forward.  If you use the Fire Stingray (Pink), you can do this twice, first Blue Falcon will hit you then moving a little farther right, Wild Goose (Green) will hit you.  This initial 2nd place position will enable you to take the lead rather quickly on beginner and standard levels that is.

F-ZERO Speedy Start

At the start of any race when the word “READY” appears you will hear three beeps. After the third beep and right before it says “GO” press the accelerator for an extra speed boost.

Keep Your Speed after Jumping

You normally lose a lot of speed after you jump.  If you press and hold down on the jump you will land and normally keep full speed.

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