Final Fantasy II SNES Hints

Final Fantasy II Snes

Here are some general hints and tips that have been recommended in the past.

FINAL FANTASY II General Combat Advice

Never underestimate the value of casting BESRK and FAST on a character who inflicts a lot of hand-to-hand damage.  Especially against bosses. Just don’t try not to let him get “Charmed”.

You can safely cast “CALL” spells on a Walled creature.  Failing this, cast “WALL” on a party member, and bounce the offensive spells off his WALL onto your opponent. Spells only bounce once, thus will not reflect back in your face when you do this.


Your Caller, Rydia learns Meteo at level 60.

Rare Items

Some very rare items can be found by killing certain sets of monsters and of course getting very lucky.  Supposedly POWER ARMOR is sometimes awarded as treasure if you defeat a pair of Behemoths.  Other magical items have also been received.

Defeat the Queen in the Land of Summoned Monsters

The difficulty in defeating the Queen is that she keeps curing herself.  To defeat any enemy which does this, cast WALL as soon as possible.  That way attempts to CURE self will reflect to someone in your party.  Once you WALL an enemy, don’t cast any destructive magic spells on them unless they are Caller spells.

Defeat the King in the Land of Summoned Monsters

To defeat the King you basically use brute force.  Having some things to DART at him will help.  If you don’t have enough in you to beat him, leave and come back later.  oh…and use your Cure3 or Cure4 spells.

Defeat Odin

The best way is to Call LEVIA against him or again just use brute force.

Defeat Bahamut

Call LEVIA against him, cast WHITE against him, DART Ninja Stars at him.

Various Methods for defeating Zeromus

Avoid attacking Zeromus with NUKE or WHITE.  They just cause him to use more powerful spells against you.

  • Paladin:  Attack, attack, attack and attack
  • Ninja:  Automatically attacks with Berserk for a while, then Dart Ninja
  • Wh Wiz:  Cast group-Cure4 every round.  Berserk the Ninja after the
    Paladin uses the Crystal.
  • Bl Wiz:  Call Baham every round.
  • Dragoon:  Jump every round unless he needs healing, in which case Attack.
  • Kain (Dragoon) :  Jump w/ White spear
  • Rydia (Caller) :  Bahamut, Bahamut, Bahamut
  • Cecil (Paladin) :  Attack, Use Elixir, repeat
  • Rosa (White Wizard) :  White Spell
  • Edge (Ninja) :  “Dart” Excalibur, “Dart” Ninja stars
  • Cecil:  Straight ahead fight.
  • Kain:  Jump attack
  • Rydia:  Call Levia. Call Asura
  • Rosa:  Cast “Besrk” on Edge after Crystal used.  Cast “Life2” and “Cure4” the rest of the time.
  • Edge:  Fights on “autopilot” (“Besrk”) for a bit. Then “Dart” anything you can. If you run out of things to “Dart”, Fight.
  • Cecil:  Attack, attack, attack
  • Rydia:  Nuke, Nuke, Nuke
  • Kain:  Jump, Jump, Jump
  • Rosa: Cure4, Cure4, Cure4.  Life2 on Cecil or Rydia if they die.
  • Edge:  Dart, Dart, Dart


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