Final Fight SNES Cheats

Final Fight Snes

Before beginning your mission through Metro City – ATS, press & hold L, then press START. This will take you to an Option Mode Screen. Use Up, Down, and X to select/change features. Use R to play music and SFX.

Extra stage

At the start menu hold L and R and press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Left, Right, Right.

Receive Extra Credits

To start a new game with 5 Credits simply enter your top 3 high score initials as “CAP”, “COM”, “GUY”.

Avoid Beating Caine

At the start of Round 2 you should see a pipe and 2 windows.  Go to the last window on the right, grab someone and throw him.  If should have broken the windows and dented the pipe.  Break the remaining windows and when you reach the end of the stage you don’t have to defeat the boss.

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