Pilotwings SNES Passwords

Pilotwings Level Codes

  • Level 2:  985206
  • Level 3:  394391
  • Level 4:  520771
  • Level 5:  108048
  • Level 6:  400718
  • Level 7:  773224
  • Level 8:  165411
  • Level 9:  760357
  • Level 10:  882943

Bonus Stages

Get to the bonus stages by accomplishing special manoeuvres on the Rocketbelt and Parachute rounds.  Ignore the rings and other objectives in these rounds and manoeuvre over the moving platform in each level.  If you can land on this portion of the target area, you will be taken to the bonus stage with a rating of 100 points.

When using the Rocketbelt you will be transformed into a winged man.  While winged, try to jump onto the trampolines and hit the power P’s before landing in the middle of the target. When using the parachute you will be transformed into a penguin who must high dive into a multi-point pool.  The waters are separated by ropes which each designate different extra point values.


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