Super Metroid SNES Cheats

Super Metroid SNES

Refill Life

  • Hold L + R and fire a powerbomb with the Fire button

Five Bomb Trick

  • Fully Charge any Weapon
  • Hold Fire Button
  • Press Down Two times to Roll up into a Ball
  • Release Fire Button to set Bomb
  • You will release Five Bombs instead of one

Supercharged Icebeam

  • Pause the game and go to the Samus screen
  • Turn all beam weapons off except icebeam and chargebeam
  • Select “powerbombs” top of screen
  • Charge the weapon for 2 seconds
  • An iceshield appears around Samus

Supercharged Spazer

  • Pause game and go to Samus screen
  • Turn all weapons off except spazer and charge
  • Select “powerbombs” and charge the beam for 2 seconds
  • Spazer shoots a wave across the screen

Special Super Weapons

  • Must have Super Bombs and Weapons Powered Up
  • Press Start to go to Map Screen
  • Press R to access Status Screen
  • On Beam Menu Highlight “Charge” and one other Weapon
  • Press Start to Exit this Screen
  • When you come back to level, Highlight Super Bomb Icon
  • Press and Hold Fire Button
  • Depending on which Weapon you use a blast of energy will appear

Kill Dorigon Easily

Dorigon is the Boss Character at the end of the Maridia Stage.  It can be easily defeated by using the Grappling Beam to latch on to one the Electric Side Panels after Dorigon grabs you. He will be electrocuted in a few seconds if you use this trick.


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