Super Return of the Jedi SNES Cheats

Super Return of the Jedi SNES


  • Tatooine:  BGFSMH
  • Jabba’s Dance Hall:  JVPLHP YQYHJN
  • Rancor Pit:  MKYXVN
  • Attack on Sail Barge:  LBRHFR
  • Inside Sail Barge:  GPTDZC
  • Speeder Bikes:  DDDQYZ
  • Ewok Village:  ATLVHFT
  • Power Generator:  WCBMKS
  • Inside Death Star:  KXVZZD
  • Falcon Outside Death Star:  BWHPHZ
  • Emperor’s Chamber:  WDSMNN
  • Falcon Leaving Death Star:  BGSWLD

Sound Test

  • Down, X, Y, A, B, Start

Title Screen Codes

  • Can rotate Logo and intro using the L and R buttons: YYYY
  • 7 continues: ABAYAX
  • Roll Credits: ABABABAB
  • Infinite Thermal Detonators:  B X B X B X B B B Y



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