Super Star Wars SNES Cheats

Super Star Wars SNES

Level Select

  • Select the Options Screen
  • CHANGE SOMETHING, even if you change it back what is originally was, the code does not work unless something is changed
  • Return to the Start/Options Screen
  • Enter code a,a,a,a,x,b,b,b,b,y,x,x,x,x,a,y,y,y,y,b
  • If entered correctly a Jawa will scream, if not power off and retry
  • Press Start and the Character Select Screen appears
  • Select a Character and begin game
  • Rapidly Press Left and Right Buttons on Controller 2
  • GAME DEBUG screen appears allowing you to select Level, Stage, Number of Lives, Health, Character, Gun
  • Select Options using Controller 1

The Game Debug screen can now be accessed at anytime by

  • Pressing Left and Right on Controller 2

If you wish to skip the rest of a Level Press Start on Controller 2 and Stage Cleared appears on the Screen.  All bonus points are received as if the Level was completed.

Invincibility for rest of stage

  • On Controller 2
  • Press and Hold Select A B X Y

Pressing SELECT during the game will toggle you between your blaster and your saber, if this code has been entered.

If you wish to see the end scene press start on Controller 2.

Increase Continues Code

  • 5 Continues: XBBAY

How to get 99 Lives

In the Land of the Sand People, there are 2 sets of floating rocks, in which you have to jump from rock to rock, to get to the other cliff.  At the very beginning of the second set you come too, jump off the cliff edge, and aim Luke to the left. You will land on a ledge, and you will be in a small cave area. Falling rocks will keep falling on you, but don’t worry about that.  Now shot up in the air all over the place to reveal 1-UPs. There are 7 or 9 of them. Get them all and then commit suicide. When the game starts up again, you start at the cliff top again.  Jump down and repeat until you have 99 lives.

Sound Test

  • Hold down X,Y,A,B and press SELECT and START at the same time
  • It should bring up the Sound Test screen and give you some codes.


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