Super Street Fighter II SNES Cheats

Super Street Fighter II SNES

Configure Buttons

  • Hold Down Select Button to Access Button Configuration Screen

Same Character in Group Battle

  • Select Battle Mode Option
  • On Controller 2
  • Press L R L R L R R L
  • Vega will laugh to Confirm
  • Choose either Match of Elimination
  • You can choose eight of the same characters

Speed Up Computer Battles

  • Press any Button except Start to Speed up Computer Battles in Tournament Mode
  • Select End to have ALL Computer Battles

Secret Color

  • You can Change the color of your Fighter by pressing either A B Y X L R or Start to “Start”
  • Press and Hold the Button until the plane flies to its destination to gain the “Eighth Color”

Reset in Versus Mode

  • After a Battle Press Select to access Continue
  • Quit or Reset Records Screen in Versus, Group Battle, Tournament Battle and Time Challenge Modes

Character Profiles

  • At Title Screen
  • Do Not Press Start
  • When First Profile Screen appears
  • On Controller 2 Press and Hold L R
  • Continue Holding and each Characters Profile will Display on at a time


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