The Addams Family SNES Cheats

he Addams Family

The Addams Family Extra Lives

Go to the password option on the title screen and enter the numbers “11111“.  You will start the game in the hall of stairs.  The counter at first will read “00”, after you die though it will read “99”.

Four Extra 1-Ups

Once your game is over and the Continue/Quit screen appears, go all of the way to the left of the screen instead of going through one of the two doors.  You will enter a secret room that contains four 1-Ups!

Warp passwords

  • Start &#KKN
  • After Pugsley V1913
  • After Grandma B&J15
  • After Wednesday BD#K4
  • After Fester BL91B

More Codes and Tips

  • 5 hearts, 80 lives, Granny and Pugsley rescued: B&1&B
  • 3 hearts, 100 lives and a sword: 71117
  • 4 hearts, 100 lives and a sword:  W111W
  • 5 hearts, 100 lives and a sword:  21112

To unblocked the passage to the basement:  Enter the music room and wait for the music to stop.

Snap Thing’s Fingers. At the opening sequence, you can push the L and R buttons to make “Thing” snap his fingers.

Secret Doors and Power-Up Room

Once you start the game, go in the hall of stairs and then proceed to the left.  Once you are past the last door to the left, push UP and there will be a secret door that leads to Pugsley’s Den.  Go through the 2nd secret door and you will be “Behind the Stairs.”

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