Stunt Race FX SNES Cheats

Stunt Race FX SNES

Computer Controlled Cars

  • Choose Battle Trax Option
  • Choose Cars for Player 1 & 2
  • 3 Seconds after start the cars will drive by themselves
  • If you wish to race the computer just play as player 1 and 3 seconds after the start the player 2 car will join in as a computer controlled car.

Diagonal View

  • At anytime during Race
  • Press L R and Select simultaneously
  • View Changes to a Diagonal View from rear

Stunt Trax Radio Control Course

  • Complete All Four Stunt Trax Courses
  • On Course Selection Screen
  • Push Up
  • Radio Control Course Appears

Extra Power Up

  • On Night Cruise Course
  • Hit the Wall under the StarFox Billboard
  • On Turn Four Go the Left or Right Side of the Median without hitting it
  • StarFox will Fly over head and drop a Power-Up


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