The Addams Family Amiga Cheats

he Addams Family

The Addams Family 100 lives

This may not work as it is only valid on early versions of the game:

  • Enter 11111 as a password

The Addams Family Extra Lives

  • Press SPACE to pause the game
  • Press ESC
  • A screen with continue and escape doors will appear
  • Walk to the left to a room that has several bonus lives
  • You can also do this when the game ends to gain extra lives

The Addams Family Secret Room

  • Walk to the left in the hall of rooms until finding a door above you
  • Press UP to enter a secret room
  • Collect all the items and walk up to the door and press Up
  • You will find more items

The Addams Family Passwords



First Power-up &1#1#
Second Power-up ?1S1M
Third Power-up BLSRS
Pugsley V121B
Wednesday VD2RL
Granny V&YKW
Fester VL#R4
Extra Energy L1191
Rescue Pugsley 61H1C
Rescue Granny B&198
Rescue Fester B?KKV
Rescue Wednesday BLS1T
3 hearts after big tree &1Y1M
Hearts after fridge in kitchen ?191D
5 hearts after conservatory B919D
Pugsley (Games room) V1S14
Fester (Picture Gallery) V919B
Wednesday (Crypt) BG9K&
Granny (Kitchen) BLJK#
End of game #Z6D?



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