A10 Tank Killer

A10 Tank Killer Amiga
A10 Tank Killer Amiga

A10 Tank Killer Amiga Cover

A10 Tank Killer Credits

  • Published by: Dynamix
  • Developed by: Dynamix
  • Designer: Damon Slye
  • Programming: Lincoln Hutton, Joseph Wingard
  • Artwork: Mark Brenneman, Cyrus Kanga
  • Mission Design: David Selle, Damon Slye, Mick Westick
  • Music & Sound: Mark Riley
  • Musical Score: Alan McKean
  • Released: 1991
  • Genre: Simulation, Vehicular, Flight, War

A10 Tank Killer The Game

A10 Tankbuster is a flight simulation based on the United States Air Force’s mighty low-level assault and troop support aircraft, the Fairchild A-10A Thunderbolt II.

The aircraft was actually designed around its central weapon – the GA-U8 Avenger cannon, the bullets for which are the size of milk bottles, and are made of spent uranium, enabling them to punch through the armour of any tank.
The actual game itself is, as any good flight sim should be, mission based, and has a seperate campaign mode, where all of the missions are played one after the other.

The missions vary in length, difficulty, and scenario. From the training mission, where you are expected to fly solo and get low n’ dirty over farmland and between hills, to the more advanced missions, where you and your wingmen fly a sortie into a city and must destroy specific buildings.

You must also face a variety of different enemy units, from jeeps to tanks to mobile anti-aircraft missile platforms, to helicopters and dogfighters.

Essentially, the game is based around the classic East vs. West scenario, and is sensible in the way that there are no evil dictators / mad scientists. It also features a good learning curve as it does not expect you to memorise hundreds of key combinations.

Graphically, it was excellent for its time, with a digitised instrument panel, and digitised explosions. The main environment model is a fairly fast 3D engine, with a surprising amount of detail.

The sound, however, left a little to be desired. The sound of the gun should be earth-shattering – in reality, a sustained burst of fire from the Avenger is capable of significantly reducing the speed of the aircraft, even halting it in mid air – yet the sound of the gun in-game is disappointingly tinny.  The noise of the explosions are sufficiently ground-thumping to satisfy even the most hardened air-jockey.

A10 Tank Killer Amiga Screenshot

Get your weapons

Is A10 Tank Killer Naff?

To summarise, A-10 Tankbuster is a game I’d recommend to those who live between the world of arcade action and serious flight simulation, and who want the best of both genres.


9 / 10 Rating

9 / 10

Cheat Codes A10 Tank Killer

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