Batman The Movie – Amiga

The movie licensed game “Batman” on the Commodore Amiga was based on the 1989 Batman movie.  A great movie with a great cast.  We have already looked at the C64 version of this game, which was a fantastic release.  Now lets take a look at the Amiga version and see if it’s better or worse.

Batman Amiga Cover

Batman Amiga Cover

Batman The Movie Amiga Credits

  • Published by: Data East USA, Inc.
  • Developed by: Ocean Software Ltd.
  • Graphics by: Dawn Drake, Bill Harbison, John Palmer, Robert Hemphill
  • Music / Sound fx by: Jonathan Dunn, Matthew Cannon
  • Coded: Michael Lamb, John O’Brien, Allan Shortt
  • Released: 1989
  • Genre: Action, Platform, Shooter

Batman The Movie: The Game

The game is set over five different stages or levels.  The first stage is set in the Axis Chemical Plant.  Here you have to hunt down the bad-boy Jack Napier whom has taken over the plant with his henchmen.  The end of the level (if you can get that far) sees the naughty Mr. Napier fall into the acid vat. This level is like your typical platform game.  You have to climb ladders, drop down platforms, shoot the bad guys, and the fun bit is using your Bat-rope to climb and swing.  For level 1 of a game this fairly tough and is much harder than the C64 version.

Batman Amiga Game Chemical Plant

Axis Chemical Plant

Level two is a driving part of the game.  This is where you get to drive the Batmobile, woohoo!  The Joker is chasing you and you must escape to the Batcave by avoiding other vehicles and police blocks. You have to use your Bat-rope to turn which is sometimes a bit tricky.

Batman Amiga Game Level 2 Driving the Batmobile

The streets of Gotham City in the Batmobile

Once you have successfully made it to the Batcave. Part 3 is a puzzle part of the game.  You have to use the computer to analyse the Jokers cosmetic items. To find the items that contain chemicals that make up his deadly compound.

Batman Amiga Game Level 3 the Batcave

A bit puzzling in the Batcave

Part 4 in the game takes us to the Gotham City Carnival.  Here we have to fly the Bat-wing and cut the ropes that a holding the balloons that are filled with poisonous gas.

Batman the movie amiga game level 4

Cut the ropes – Gotham City Carnival

Finally we reach the final level.  The Joker is in the Cathedral, and we have to hunt him down and stop him once and for all.  This level is very similar to the first level.  A platform style level with bad guys galore, even giant rats..

Batman the Movie Amiga game Level 5

Gotham City Cathedral

Batman on the Amiga Naff?

Batman the movie on the Amiga was a lot harder than it was on the C64, which was a great game in its own right.  Saying that, it was also a very good little game on the Amiga.  Especially considering it was a movie licensed game and so many have failed in the past.  The graphics are brilliant and everything is really clear. The scrolling is super smooth and everything is really well animated.  The music and sound fx are great, the controls are good and responsive.  The gameplay is fantastic, maybe a bit hard to start but still great fun and would keep you coming back time and time again.  Overall then, Batman the movie on the Amiga was an excellent game.

“What are you..?”  “I’m Batman”


9 / 10 Rating9.3 / 10

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