Commodore Amiga

Commodore Amiga
Commodore Amiga
  • Released: Juli 1985
  • Operating system AmigaOS on Kickstart
  • CPU Motorola 680×0 @ ā‰ˆ7 MHz & higher
  • Memory 256 kilobytes and higher, expandable

The Amiga was an early personal computer that was fairly popular in the eighties. The name was chosen for two reasons: the first was that it was Spanish for “female friend” a happy and pleasant title. The second was the fact that most companies listed the systems they had available for retail sale alphabetically, and Amiga would come before Apple and Atari, two major competitors. Marketers thought that getting the first chance at a consumer’s interest would be a good a thing.

During the time of its release, Amiga featured awesome graphics and sound capabilities. It was perfect for the video gaming community and many of the games that were released to the MS-DOS operating system or the Commodore 64 were ported to the Amiga as well. Additionally, the Amiga is able to emulate a host of other systems, making it a retro gamer’s paradise. The Amiga can play games from the Commodore 64, Sinclair’s ZX Spectrum, the Nintendo Entertainment System as well as the Nintendo Game Boy, the Apple II, and the TRS-80. Moreover, it could emulate the early IBM PC, Apple Macintosh and the Atari ST. The MAME for emulating arcade machines was also available for the Amiga system.

While the Amiga was not the lead platform for a lot of game development, it certainly had potential to become the gaming hub of its time. With the ability to play so many different games and emulate so many more, the Amiga was, and still is a gaming gem.


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