Walker Cover

Walker Credits

  • Published by:  Psygnosis Limited
  • Developed by:  DMA Design Limited
  • Written by:  Ian Dunlop, Neil Glancy, DMA Design
  • Graphics by:  Mark Ireland, Stacey Jamieson, David Hally, Neill Glancy, Scott G. Johnston
  • Sound Effects: Ian Dunlop, Neill Glancy
  • Music:  Raymond Usher
  • Released:  1993
  • Genre:  Action, Shooter, Sci-fi

Walker The Game

Walker is a very straightforward big stompy robot game.

You go through levels, shooting and stomping on everything. That’s about it. The intro is pretty cool, then you automagically appear at the first level, and start blasting things. The first thing you’ll notice are the novel controls. Left/right on the cursors to move around, and the mouse to aim. Maybe one the oldest game with mouselook of sorts?

So that’s it really. Machine gun your way through levels, make sure your guns don’t overheat, stomp in people while shooting out the tanks and heavier things. Simple, yes. But easy… not really. It’s hard, very hard. Don’t expect to complete it too easily without cheating.

Is Walker Naff?

The graphics are really nice, plenty of blood and gore, nice animations, etc. Sounds are good, can’t really say much about the music, it’s not really noticeable.

So it’s not Naff, I recommend you playing this game and if you like the keyboard/mouse controls, you’ll like it.  It can become frustrating, I never got very far but it was fun enough to play.


7 / 10

Ummm…. where’s the video?

Cheat Codes for Walker

For Cheat Mode:

  • Start the game and reach level 2
  • When the level starts and before moving the walker, type:  eat lead muddy funster

Alternative Cheat Mode

  • At the Title Screen when “Press Fire To Start” appears
  • Type:  walker
  • A red line in the center of the screen confirms
  • Hold one of the following key combinations during game play for around 5 seconds to activate the cheat function:

For Invincibility press & hold:  HELP + I
For Level skip press & hold:  HELP + L
To Restart level press & hold:  HELP + R

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