Wings Amiga

Wings Cover

Wings Credits

  • Published by:  Cinemaware Corporation
  • Developed by:  Cinemaware Corporation
  • Game Design:  John Cutter
  • Graphics:  Jeffrey Hilbers
  • Music:  Greg Haggard
  • Sound Effects:  Jim Simmons
  • Producers:  David Riordan, Jerry Albright
  • Released:  1990
  • Genre:  Action, Simulation, Flight, Aviation, Combat, War

Wings The Game

Wings, a very aptly named game. The first thing to do after you create your pilot is earn your wings, and for that, you get randomly assigned a test out of one of the three flying modes.

Firstly:  There’s first person 3D combat. The aim of the training mission being to destroy an observation balloon before another pilot hoping for his wings.

Secondly:  There’s the isometric strafing. Just strafe three sets of oil cans.

Thirdly:  Is birds-eye view bombing, where the aim is to destroy two buildings.

After that, there’s the campaign, where as well as following the journal that you keep, that acts as the story, you fly missions of the various types, gradually getting harder.

Wings, is it Naff?

Simply put… No!  The graphics, for the time are really good. The sounds are good, the music great.  If you are looking for a realistic flight simulator then this isn’t the game for you. It is in no way a simulator but it is great fun.  There’s no flying around all over just to find something to do, You’re straight into the action.  It’s a great game, one that I highly recommend.


9 / 10 Rating

9 / 10

Ummm…. where’s the video?

Cheat Codes for Wings

Cheat Menu

  • Start flight school
  • Then click on the bull’s eye on the plane at the top of the school menu
  • The screen should either flash or a prompt asking to quit
  • Answer “NO” if the prompt appears
  • Create a new pilot, for super-pilot enter the name as:  Orca The Killer Tomato
  • For the cheat menu enter the name as:   Who is The Riddler  with 2 spaces before “Who”
  • Press ESC do not press ENTER after entering name


Cheat mode:

  • Hold CTRL + LEFT SHIFT + LEFT ALT + Right Mouse Button
  • Use the Left Mouse Button to click on one of the following letters from the game’s title on the main menu:

To toggle music press:  W
Press CAPS LOCK for auto-fire:  I
To Skip flight school press:  N
Guess:  G
Save game without exiting:  S

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