Bangkok Knights – Commodore 64

bangkok knights c64
bangkok knights C64 Cover

Bangkok Knights C64 Cover

Bangkok Knights C64 Game Credits

  • Published and Developed by:  System 3 Software Ltd.
  • Production by:  Mark Cale, Tim Best
  • Graphics by:  Hugh Riley
  • Music by:  Rob Hubbard, Matt Grey
  • Sampled Sound FX:  Simon Nicoll
  • Coded: Orlando / Nick Pelling
  • Released:  1987
  • Genre:  Action, Sports, beat ’em up

Bangkok Knights The Game on C64

Bangkok Knights on the Commodore 64 was a proper tidy, Beat ’em up / fighting game.  It was not solely released on Commodore 64 it was also released for the Amiga and Atari ST.  But today I’m going to be looking at the C64 version.

The publishers behind Bangkok Knights, System 3 Software, are still going strong today,  they are one of the oldest and most successful game publishers in the UK.

As quoted from the cassette cover Bangkok Knights “is the first in a new generation of ‘True Life’ fighting simulations”. 

Bangkok Knights is a fighting game that simulates Thai Boxing.  You are a young, up and coming Thai boxer with only one goal, to become the best and undisputed Bangkok Knight champion.  To reach this pinnacle you must fight and defeat eight different fighters.  The first four fights are in different locations like on a cliff edge or in the market square.  Once you have won all four fights, you will have completed your journey to the Lumpini Stadium, where you have earned your right to fight in a final four fights to become the Bangkok Knight champion.

First Fight against Manchu Man

First Fight on cliff ledge against Manchu Man

Each fight is the best of five bouts, each of these bouts has a time limit.  To win the fight you have to knock your opponent down three times.  If a fight finishes, and neither fighter has three knock downs then the winner is the fighter with the most knock downs.  If the fight finishes as a tie then the one with the most energy remaining wins.

Is Bangkok Knights on the C64 Naff?

Oh.. Bangkok Knights on the Commodore 64 is definitely…. not Naff!  It was a really really good game.  To create a game the looks, plays and sounds as good as Bangkok Knights on a small machine in 1987 is a great achievement.  The graphics and backdrops are superbly drawn.  The character sprites are also well drawn, large and animate extremely well.  The sound fx are good and clear.  The music is excellent, there is even what sounds like a remix of Survivor’s “eye of the tiger” in there somewhere.  The gameplay is great fun and very playable. If you like fighting games you should enjoy this one.

The controls work well, however it is joystick only.  There are two systems for the joystick controls. One of the systems is to compensate for the poor response that some joysticks had when pushed in diagonal directions.

To sum it up, Bangkok Knights on the Commodore 64 was a very good game with excellent graphics, sounds and music.


9 / 10 Rating

9 / 10

Bangkok Knights Commodore 64 Cheats

  • Cheat mode: POKE 54296,15 SYS 38529
  • Or: POKE 54296,31 SYS 36294


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