Barbarian – The Ultimate Warrior

Barbarian - The Ultimate Warrior C64
Barbarian: The Ultimate Warrior

Barbarian - The Ultimate Warrior Cover


  • Developer: Palace Software
  • Publisher: Palace Software, Epyx
  • Designer: Steve Brown
  • Programmer: Stanley Schembri
  • Music by: Richard Joseph
  • Released: 1987
  • Genre: Fighting, Fantasy

Barbarian: The Ultimate Warrior

Basically, it’s the typical evil wizard bad guy plot all over again. Once again, it’s a sorcerer named Drax and he’s captured and enspelled the beautiful Princess Mariana. On top of that he’s threatening to do evil things to the Jewelled City. Drax has announced that if some warrior can beat all his men and finally himself, he’ll let the princess go.

It’s a pretty simple game. You control the warrior on the left and you need to kill the guy on the right. You have an impressive array of maneuvers to pull off. Just about any direction on your joystick will result in a new action, which gives approximately 8×2 actions, one set of 8s with the button and one set without. Well, a few are identical, so it might be a little less, but it’s good overall. Some include chopping your opponent in the head, slashing him in the stomach, kicking him in the groin and chopping off his head.  You can curl up into a tight little ball and drop him over, too. Unless he jumps over you. So you have many tricks to pull off.

When you’ve mangled your first opponent you’ll stand there looking at the little green goblin walking into the court. He mumbles something you don’t quite understand and drags out the corpse. There’s even a little treat if you chopped off the guy’s head. The little green thing apparently didn’t care much for him as you can now see him kick the head off screen.

At last when everything seems dark and you just can’t beat the damn henchmen, you succeed. This is, of course, until Drax’ first lightning bolt hits you in the face and you die. Then you must start all over again, you finally get to Drax again but he’s pretty damn tough.

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Is Barbarian: The Ultimate Warrior Naff?

This game is actually worth your time, its great fun.  The graphics are nice and clean and the warrior animations are well made. On top of that there’s the scenery with the great use of the limited colour palette of the C64. The controls are really good and there’s a good deal of weapon and movement combos you can pull off, so there is strategy in the duels.  The sounds are just about perfect, the sound effects and the music is well suited for a game of battle.  Go and chop off some heads.


9 / 10 Rating

9 / 10

Barbarian: The Ultimate Warrior Gameplay

Cheat & Hints

Barbarian Cheat

The easiest way to defeat an opponent is to roll into him until he reaches the side.  Then kick him, roll in to him again and kick him again.  Repeat this method for all opponents.

Defeating Drax

  • On the final level when you confront Drax.
  • Walk forward and when the first fireball comes.
  • Jump then do a forward roll into Drax.

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