Batman – Commodore 64

Batman C64

Batman also known as “Batman: The Movie” on the Commodore 64 is a game that was based on the 1989 Batman movie.  There have been some extremely disappointing games released on the back of blockbuster movies. The likes of “E.T.” on the Atari 2600 and “Back to the future” on the NES to name just a couple.  So did Batman on the Commodore 64 do what I thought was a good movie, justice?

Batman C64 Cover

Batman C64 Cover

Batman C64 Credits

  • Published and Developed by: Ocean Software Ltd.
  • Graphics by: Andrew Sleigh
  • Music by: Matthew Cannon
  • Coded: Zach Townsend
  • Released: 1989
  • Genre: Action, Platform, Shooter

Batman the Game

Batman was also released on other platforms like the Amiga, Amstrad CPC, Atari ST, DOS, MSX and the ZX Spectrum.

There are five different parts to the game.  You start the game in the Axis Chemical Plant where you must chase down and stop Jack Napier from stealing the plants records. This level is like a standard platform shooter where you climb ladders, shoot the henchmen and of course use you Batrope.

Batman C64 Part 1 Gameplay

Batman in the Axis Chemical Plant

Part 2 of Batman the game was one of my favourites, the driving part.  In this part called the “Batmobile Chase” you have rescued Vicki Vale from the Joker.  The Joker is now chasing you and you must escape to the Batcave by avoiding obstacles, other vehicles and police blocks.

Batman C64 Part 2 Batmobile

Driving the Batmobile

Part 3 is a puzzle part of the game.  You are in the Batcave and you must use the computer to analyse the Jokers cosmetic items.  To determine which ones contain elements that make up his deadly compound “Smilex”.

Batman C64 Part 3 in the Batcave

Batman in the Batcave analysing the cosmetic items

After you found the make up of the Joker’s deadly compound, you take to air. During the carnival where the Joker intends to massacre the entire population of Gotham City.  You must fly the Batwing and cut the ropes that are securing the Joker’s deadly balloons.

Batman C64 Part 4 the Batwing

Cut the ropes in the Batwing

In the final part of the game you visit the Cathedral.  This part is similar to part 1, a platform shooter style.  The Joker is about to escape and intends to take Vicki Vale with him.  You must stop him before he escapes in his helicopter and takes over the city.

Batman C64 the Cathedral

Quick the Joker is escaping

Is Batman on the C64 Naff?

As a crossover from film to video games go, Batman is by far one of the better ones.  Batman on the C64 is very good.  The graphics a really good, everything is clear and very well drawn. The animations are really good and smooth.  The game has some but very little glitching.  The music to the game is excellent and the controls work without any issues.  The gameplay is super fun and it’s nice to have different elements of play like the driving levels included.

Not many negatives to Batman on the C64, there are a few glitches at times but nothing major.  It would have been nice to be able to use your Batrope when falling from height to try and save yourself from death.  But hey-ho Batman on the C64 was and still is an amazing game all the same.  And certainly did the movie justice.


9 / 10 Rating9.4 / 10

Batman Commodore 64 Cheats

  • Infinite Lives: POKE 4739,173
  • Infinite Time: POKE 4933,173
  • Invincibility: POKE 4679,173 POKE 63757,96

Infinite Lives Alternate

  • When on the first stage
  • Lose 2 lives
  • When you are on your last life and fighting Jack
  • Wait until the timer is nearly out to kill him
  • You will die while Jack falls into the vat of acid
  • You should progress to the next level with infinite lives

Level 5 With Infinite Lives

  • Lose all you lives on levels 2, 3 or 4
  • When prompted to Rewind the tape, simply leave the tape to Play
  • Level 5 should load with infinite lives

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