ACE Air Combat Emulator

ACE C16 Game

ACE C16 cover

ACE Game Credits

  • Published by: Cascade Games
  • Re-released by: Gamebusters
  • Coded by: Ian Martin
  • Released: 1985
  • Also on: Amstrad CPC, Amstrad PCW, Commodore 64, DOS, VIC-20, ZX Spectrum
  • Genre: Simulation, Flight, Combat, Sci-fi

ACE The Game

You may have heard of ACE on other systems like the C64 or the Spectrum.  But these were later releases as it was first released for the C16 and later there was a dedicated Plus4 version.

ACE: Air Combat Emulator is a first-person air combat simulator.  All of your comrades have been shot down, leaving you the last fighter pilot to defeat multiple waves of enemy fighters hurtling towards you.  They will try to evade you to reach their target.  You are the last hope you must destroy the enemy.  Beware though as once provoked to enemy will attack you.

At the start of the game you can select your skill level.  In the game you have rockets to fire the black ones are normal and the yellow ones are heat seeking.  The rockets will replenish themselves automatically depending on what level you are on.  To fire them it’s as simple as lining the enemy up in your sites and pressing fire.

Your engines power or thrust, the more thrust you use the faster you’ll fly but you’ll also burn more fuel.  If the fuel meter is red then you are at critical level and your fuel is only replenished every 1000 point scored.  If you fly slower than 100 knots you will stall your plane.

You can roll and pitch your fighter.  The roll indicates your banking angle for turning, which can be very useful when in combat.  The pitch indicates your degree of climb or dive.

There is a radar displayed on screen, blips determine enemy aircraft.  The arrows indicate the relative altitude, climb, dive or bank to position the enemy in front of you and wait for visual contact to engage the enemy.

ACE C16 Screenshot

ACE C16 Screenshot


Is ACE Naff?

For a “kind” of flight simulator game on the Commodore 16, ACE is, well, ACE.  The game is difficult at first but when you get to grips with it, it’s really good.  To cram a game of this quality in less than 16k of data is incredible.

The graphics aren’t anything special but you can see what is what. The sounds are clear and fit well with game. The controls are simple and respond well, either on keyboard or joystick.  The gameplay, once you get over the difficulty is really good.  ACE: Air Combat Emulator on the C16 is a quality game.


8.5 / 10 rating

8.5 / 10

Cheat Codes for ACE

Cheat codes have to be entered into the Monitor.  To access the Monitor simply press “RUN/STOP” and “RESET” on the machine.
  • For unlimited fuel:  >350F A5 
  • For zero damage:  >340F A5
  • For Instant refuel:  >B9 01
  • For Unlimited rockets:  >29D3 A5  >29DF B2  >29E8 AD  


  • Infinite Fuel:  POKE 49649,160
  • Infinite Ammunition:  POKE 13439,189


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