Finders Keepers

Finders Keepers c16
Finders Keepers C16

Finders Keepers c16 cover

Finders Keepers Credits

  • Published by: Mastertronic
  • Converted by: Adrian Sheppard
  • Released: 1986
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Platform, Puzzle, Fantasy
  • Also on: Amstrad CPC, Commodore 64, Enterprise, MSX, ZX Spectrum

Finders Keepers The Game

This “collect and dodge” title scores well among the Commodore-era crowd. Even if the plot sounds like something from the mathematical novel “Flatland” . You control a knight. whose goal is to join the famous Polygon Table.  Hopefully accomplished by rescuing the king’s daughter from the Castle of Spriteland. You roam the castle collecting treasures and bartering with traders avoiding energy sapping ghouls along the way.

Just one thing: the plot states “you quickly decide to collect as much treasure and cash as possible and escape from the castle.” What about the king’s daughter and that Polygon Table? Major plot hole.

Anyhow, it was a successful game on many platforms and apparently lost little in the conversion process. with the Commodore Plus/4 Handbook giving it a rating of 83 percent.  An excerpt its review: “The screens are so cleverly linked that getting round them is far from easy and does call for some well-timed jumps…negotiating the adjoining screens is no easy task and the game could prove a little long-winded and boring to the ardent shoot-em-up fan.”

Story From Game Inlay

“The King of Isbisima is, to say the least, little upset. Tomorrow is his daughter’s birthday and he has no idea what to get her. As Magic Knight you have been ordered to find the Princess Germintrude a very special present. This may be your chance to prove that you are worthy of joining the famed Polygon Table, the highest honour that any knight could wish for!

The King transports you to the Castle of Spriteland which is teeming with many weird and not so wonderful creatures, many of whom are ghosts of former relatives of the Queen. Apart from the grisly ghouls and energy sapping creatures there are ghostly traders who are often quite willing to exchange the treasures that you find in the Castle for money which they stole in their former lives. If the trader will not sell you something it is because you do not have enough cash so you will have to sell something else.

Some objects will react with each other to form either more or less valuable objects to sell or collect.

However, you decide to collect as much treasure and cash as possible and escape from the Castle.

Finders Keepers c16 Screenshot

Room with a view

Is Finders Keepers Naff?

For a budget game at only £1.99, Finders Keepers is pretty good.  Finders Keepers is a fun game to play if you are a fan of puzzle platformers.  The graphics are decent for the C16.  There is music to moan about here and the audio works fine.  The controls respond as expected and it’s hard enough to keep you entertain for a good few hours.  All in all a pretty decent game when you consider the price.


7 / 10

Finders Keepers Gameplay

Cheat Codes Finders Keepers

For cheat mode, use this poke:

  • POKE 28497,173

Alternately, try to use the following pokes:

  • POKE 28508,234
  • POKE 28509,234
  • POKE 28510,234
  • POKE 28508,173

Infinite Energy

  • Enter >2F51 2C into the monitor screen

Unlimited lives

  • Enter >2F5C AD into the monitor screen


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