Mad Nurse – A Crazy Little C64 Game

Today I’m going to be looking at a strange little game on the Commodore 64, one that some may find a little disturbing.  A game called “Mad Nurse“.

Mad Nurse C64 Cover

Mad Nurse Cover

Mad Nurse Credits

    • Published by:  Firebird Software
    • Released:  1986
    • Created by:  Simon Pick
    • Genre: Action, Platform

Mad Nurse The Game

This little platformer is rather strange.  The creator Simon Pick might possibly of been thinking of ways to reduce the Worlds population.  As babies die by sticking their fingers in electrical outlets, drinking bottles of God knows what or by falling down the lift shaft.

You play the character of a trainee nurse and it is your job to keep the babies under control and more importantly, alive.

Mad Nurse Gameplay C64

Mad Nurse Gameplay Screen

As you can see from the above screenshot the maternity wards are split on 3 floors.  The babies appear randomly to the left of the screen and crawl around, heading generally to the right.  You must run around picking the babies up and place them in the cots before they come to harm.  Hopefully the little ones will stay in their cots, some don’t, they jump back out, you must then run after them and put them back.

You move up the levels or wards only if you mange to keep enough babies alive long enough.  Points are gained for putting the babies in the cots or by picking up the nasty bottles of medicine.  You may also notice you have gas.  No not bottom burps, some sort of sleeping gas or whatever it is.  It will stop the babies moving for a small amount of time allowing you to run around and pick them up before they get in to any more mischief.

Before you start the game you can select your difficulty, Easy, Normal or Hard (that’s one positive about the game).  When you start you have three trainee nurses.  Extra nurses are gained the more levels you progress through.  A nurse is fired if to many babies die on your watch.  Lose all your nurses and its Game Over (that’s if you manage to play it that long).

Mad Nurse Fired C64

The Mad Nurse Has Been Fired!

Is Mad Nurse Naff?

Well, what to say?  Mad Nurse isn’t the best of games and I can’t really say it’s Naff, its just a bit of a sickening idea (with babies dying).  Having said that though, the graphics are pretty good, the music is good and the controls are good.  The gameplay is ok, a bit repetitive, collect and drop.  It is what it is, love it or hate it. It was a well made game, one that fell into the pocket money budget range.


Rating 6/106 / 10

Perhaps a little harsh on the Naffometer, but the idea is just wrong!

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Mad Nurse C64 Cheats

No cheats found.  If you have a cheat please let me know.

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