Short Circuit on the C64

Short Circuit Commodore 64

I remember enjoying the movie Short Circuit as a child.  I didn’t even realise there was a game made from it.  I’m going to take a look at Short Circuit on the C64 today.  In the movie a Robot takes on a life of its own, Number 5.  The film was a blockbuster not only in the United States, but also across Europe.

Ocean Software in the 1980’s and early 1990’s were behind many movie licensed games, such as Batman, Total Recall and RoboCop to name a few.

Short Circuit-Commodore64 Cover

Short Circuit C64 Cover

Short Circuit Game Credits

  • Published by:  Ocean Software Ltd.
  • Developed by:  Ocean Software Ltd.
  • Programming:  John Meegan
  • Graphics:  Karen Davies
  • Music: Martin Galway
  • Released:  1987
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Puzzle, Sci-fi / futuristic

Short Circuit The Game

The movie Short Circuit, was released in 1986, a game based on the movie was released by Ocean Software Ltd. in 1987.

From the back cover:It was a one in a million accident – but Number 5, designed to be a strategic Artificial Intelligence weapons system, the most sophisticated robot on the planet has escaped.  And has come to the conclusion that he is alive!  Now the scientist that put him together wants to take him apart again to find out what went wrong.  The president of NOVA Robotics wants to capture him before the weapons he’s carrying kill millions of civilians. And the security chief wants to blow him up so that he can get home in time for dinner.

You play the role of Number 5 and you must first escape from the laboratory.  To do so you need to find software and hardware upgrades.  These upgrades will give you new abilities like jumping and firing your laser gun.  You must also avoid being captured by other robots and security officers.  This part of the game is more like a puzzle / adventure style.

Once you have escaped the laboratory and ventured into the big bad World you must try to survive by avoiding…., well basically everything from animals to other robots.  This part of the game is more like your “run & jump” style of game.  You finally escape and avoid capture by creating a decoy robot that gets destroyed in your place.

Is Short Circuit on C64 Naff?

So, it’s another licensed movie game and one that is actually, not totally awful.  It’s not really like the film but hey ho.

The graphics are very good, the character sprites are good and the small details are a delight in an old game.  There is isn’t much in the way of sounds fx, however the music tracks are excellent.  The controls are good, all hunky-dory there.  The gameplay is, well, interesting, as it’s split into to differing styles of play.  There is the puzzle part, which does require a lot of trial and error.  And then the action, run, jump and shoot part that is rather tricky.  All in all though, it’s something that actually works very well.  The difficulty factor is average, it does get rather tricky (hard) on the run / jump part of the game.


rating 8/108 / 10

Short Circuit C64 Cheats

No cheats found.  If you have a cheat please let me know.

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