Formula 1 Simulator Commodore 16

Formula 1 Simulator on the Commodore 16 wasn’t exactly realistic but it was enjoyable to play.  It was a budget game that only cost £1.99.  And for the price it was really good.  It was one of those games where you could waste hours of your day.  It was enjoyable if you didn’t end up crashing every couple of seconds.  It was a very popular game that apparently at the time unbelievable graphics.

F1 C16 Cover

F1 C16 Cover

Formula 1 Simulator Credits

  • Released by: Mastertronic
  • Produced by: Mr. Chip Software
  • Re-released by: Visa Soft
  • Coded by: Shaun Southern
  • Released: July 1985
  • Genre: Racer, Driving

Formula 1 Simulator The Game

Formula 1 Simulator as the name suggests was an arcade racing game released in 1985.  The game was first released by Mastertronic and later re-released by Visa Soft and named “Formula 1”.  It was produced by Mr. Chip Software and was coded by Shaun Southern, whom seemed to create a fair few of these fun budget games for C16 and other Commodore systems from the VIC20 to the Amiga.

A quote from the Shaun Southern website on Formula 1 Simulator.

This is an early version of the Lotus road routine, again a mish-mash of a few arcade games at the time. My awful background graphics, I seem to remember.

With Formula 1 Simulator on the Commodore 16 there was only 1 race circuit and to finish the game you had to complete 8 laps against the clock.  If the clock ran out it was game over.

The race track itself is not particularly difficult to navigate and it is marked out with white posts.  What does become a little tricky though, is the other cars racing.  They seem to go a awful lot slower than you, and slowing down enough so that you don’t crash in to them is relatively hard, especially if you have 2 or 3 of them together and can’t overtake.

Is Formula 1 Simulator Naff?

Well…. for me no.  It certainly isn’t realistic like stated in the cassette cover “developed for the ultimate in realism”.  But it is good fun.  The graphics are actually pretty good, not the worst I’ve ever seen on the C16 nor are they the best.  The sounds are quite good and work reasonably well with the game.  Nothing wrong with the controls either.  The gameplay is good, perhaps a little predictable as the other cars seem to follow some sort of pattern, making the difficultly factor quiet low.  Having said that and having completed the game on many occasions. I have yet to complete it without crashing at least once.  Overall Formula 1 Simulator was a good little game for it’s price.  Great value for money.


7 / 10

Cheat Codes for Formula 1 Simulator

Cheat codes have to be entered into the Monitor.  To access the Monitor simply press “RUN/STOP” and “RESET” on the machine.  To restart the game after entering the cheat code type  G 3A8C
  • Unlimited Time:  >3A7F BF
  • ** = Number of race laps:  >3BB3 **
  • Invulnerability:  >37A2 60
  • Increase maximum speed to 255:  >3B86 FF

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