Great Giana Sisters

The Great Giana Sisters C64
The Great Giana Sisters
The Great Giana Sisters Cover

Game Cover

The Great Giana Sisters Credits

  • Published by:  Rainbow Arts Software
  • Developed by:  Time Warp Productions
  • Written by:  Armin Gessert
  • Artwork:  Manfred Trenz
  • Sound:  Chris Hülsbeck
  • Released:  1987
  • Genre: Action, Arcade, Platform, Fantasy


The Great Giana Sisters

Giana is a girl like most others, except for the little fact that she has a very strange dream. One night when Giana went to sleep, she got sucked into a weird dream-world. This world is dominated by loads of creatures out to get her. All over there are strange rock formations and funny blocks with symbols on them. Somehow Giana just knows that to be able to escape, she needs the Magical Diamond, so she sets out to find it. She’s not all alone, though, as her sister Maria can enter the dreamworld, too. End of story.

The Great Giana Sisters is a typical jump and run sidescroller. Well, not typical as it’s better than most – if not all – I’ve tried. It’s a bit like Super Mario Brothers – which I’m a huge fan of – both in name and gameplay, but to me this is the ultimate game of the type.

Well, in most cases you’ll be playing Giana because, let’s face it, there are only very few people that multiplay C64 games anymore. Giana is a sweet little girl, whose only weapon against the hordes of evil monsters are her feet. Yes, true to the jump and run tradition, she jumps on her victims, thus killing them. But luckily, along the way of the traditions, there’s a shitload of power-ups, the first one turning Giana into a nasty punker with the ability to destroy rocks with her hair! But of course, good things don’t last… If she’s hit by a monster, she’ll die like, no matter how tough her hair is. But if she gets to keep her first power-up, there’ll be more for the taking. Suddenly she’ll be able to shoot monsters, blow them up and even get something that’ll function like homing missiles! But there are things she can’t jump on, shoot or blow up, and these are the real dangers: Firebeds, bottomless pits, spikes and even some creatures that can’t be killed. She needs to get to the end of each level before the time runs out, and one some levels there’ll even be an even bigger and more evil monster waiting. Luckily, she can just try to escape if her arsenal is low.

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All in all it’s the same the whole way through the game. There are about 30 levels and they just get harder along the way, but never so hard you just want to pull out your hair after trying a level a million times. It’s fairly quick to beat, but you’ll be able to play it again and again. The game doesn’t change, but the replay value is there.

It’s a very simple, yet great game; probably the best of it’s type, and I think almost anyone will be able to enjoy it. If you haven’t tried it, try it. If you’ve tried it a long time ago and liked it, try it again. Either way I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.


8.5 / 10 rating

8.5 / 10

Ummm…. where’s the video?

Cheat for The Great Giana Sisters

Level Skip

  • During Gameplay Press:  X + Z + A + W
  • Or at the Start Screen Press:  A+ R + M + SHIFT or A + R + M + I + N

The Great Giana Sisters Pokes

  • POKE 2446,255
  • POKE 6697,255
  • SYS 2098
  • Cheat mode 2 POKE 8257,173
  • Cheat mode 3 POKE 10749,173
  • Bridges do not disappear: POKE 6664,96


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