Liberator on the C16

Liberator Commodore16
Liberator C16 Cover

Liberator C16 Cover

Liberator Game Credits

  • Produced by: Magnificent 7 Software
  • Re-released by:Alternative Software Limited
  • Created by: Gamon, D. R.
  • Release Date: 1987
  • Genre: Shoot’em up, Shooter

Liberator The Game

Liberator is a great side scrolling shoot’em up on the Commodore 16 and plus4.  The game was created by  D.R. Gamon and was first released by Magnificent 7 Software in 1987, later to be released by Alternative Software Limited with a budget price of only £1.99.  It was also featured as part of a compilation in 1986 along with a game called Space Fiends.

We have already looked at one space shooter “Auriga“.  I have to say though, that this game “Liberator” is far better and loads more fun to play.

You have to save all mankind from total annihilation by destroying the Alien Anconian Fleet. The Motherships draw ever closer and it is up to you and your Liberator Strike Craft to save the day. You have to fly your Liberator over the surface of the motherships destroying gun emplacements and enemy ships.  When you reach the reactor, you must blast through the two regenerating force fields and a shielding wall to start the meltdown.

If you are hit by enemy fire or ships you lose a life.  A good thing about this game, is that when you do lose a life you don’t have to start the levels from the beginning, which is so frustrating on some games.  You also have to keep an eye on your fuel level, if you run out you lose a life.  Fuel can be increased during the levels by flying through the pulsating fuel tunnels on the surface of the Mothership.

There is no ending to Liberator you just continue playing to gain a highscore.  There are 7 mothership maps to play through with the last three repeating if you get that far.

Is Liberator on C16 Naff?

Liberator on the Commodore 16 is, in my opinion a very good little game.  The graphics are good, very impressive for the C16.  There is the occasional flickering during gameplay but that doesn’t effect the visuals too much.  The sounds are fairly good, basic and do the job. There is no music on the game, either on the title or during play.  The controls work well, however it is joystick only.  And the gameplay is super.  The difficulty factor is average some may find it difficult at first but once you have played it a few times it’s not too bad.  A little tip, auto-fire is a big help.  Overall it’s a big thumbs up from me, it’s not Naff at all.


liberator rating c168.5 / 10


Cheat Codes for Liberator

Cheat codes have to be entered into the Monitor.  To access the Monitor simply press “RUN/STOP” and “RESET” on the machine.

  • Unlimited lives:  >2F05 AD
  • Unlimited fuel:  >25F5 00
  • Total invulnerability:  >29CB 60

To restart the game after entering the cheat code type G 2D60

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