Punchy – My First Commodore 16 Game

When I received my Commodore 16 it came with three cassette tapes.  On one of those tapes was a cute little game called Punchy.

Punchy was the first game I played on my little Commodore 16 and I remember thoroughly enjoying the experience.  I used to spend hours in my bedroom trying to complete it, with eventual success.

Punchy Game Credits

  • Produced by: Mr. Micro Ltd.
  • Released by: Commodore Business Machines (CBM)
  • Coded by: Evan Parton
  • Released: 1984
  • Genre:  Action, Puzzle, Platformer

Punchy The Game

Each scene is set on a “Punch & Judy” stage.  The naughty Mr. Punch has locked Judy in the “Punch and Judy” booth.  You play as “Bobby” the policeman and you are tasked with saving Judy.  You must make it across each stage avoiding the obstacles before the clock runs out.  The obstacles that you face are: Rotten tomatoes, flying custard pies, giant pits and of course the naughty Punch himself.

It is a pretty simple game that is fun to play.  The game never really ends, unless you lose all of your lives.  Once you have finished the final stage and saved Judy, she is once again abducted by Punch and you must save her all over again.

The controls are simple and respond well.  The difficulty factor good, it is not as tough as some of the other C16 games I have played. As you might expect though, some of the later stages become a little tricky.  But with a bit of practice, you soon learn each stage, when exactly to jump and where exactly to jump.  The graphics for “Punchy” are super cool.  Everything is drawn well, the sprites look good and the animation is good.  The audio is pretty good with a nice little melody playing once a stage is completed.


So, is “Punchy” Naff?  Short answer – No.  It’s not the best game that was released on Commodore 16 but it’s good fun and very playable.  Much better than the Commodore 64 version.

7 / 10

Cheat Codes for Punchy

Cheat codes have to be entered into the Monitor.  To access the Monitor simply press “RUN/STOP” and “RESET” on the machine.  To restart the game after entering the cheat code type  G 1010
  • Unlimited lives:  >108A AD
  • Unlimited time:  >13B6 00
  • Never fall into pits:  >128A 60   >12A9 60



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