The Goonies on the C64

The Goonies C64

Here we have yet another movie licensed game, The Goonies.  What a great film! One I must have seen many many times.  Does the game The Goonies on the C64 make just as good an impression as the movie did.  Let’s take a look at it.

The Goonies C64 front cover

The Goonies C64 front cover

The Goonies Game Credits

  • Published by:  U.S. Gold Ltd.
  • Developed by:  Datasoft, Inc.
  • Programmed by:  Scott Spanburg
  • Graphics by: Kelly Day
  • Cover Artwork: Greg Winters
  • Released:  1985
  • Genre:  Action, Platform, Puzzle

The Goonies, The Game

There a eight different screens to play through, each one inspired from scenes in the great movie.  Each level or screen contains puzzles that must be worked out before you can move on the next.  You control two characters from the movie on each screen and you have to co-ordinate the movements of each one to solve various puzzles.  There are not just the puzzles to solve you must also avoid the baddies, such as demonic flying skulls, bats, the Fratellis themselves and other hazards like poisonous slime.

The first screen is nice and simple as you must find the tunnel and escape from Mama Fratelli.  Screen 2 is where it starts to become slightly more complicated as it takes you from the Fratellis hideout into the secret tunnels containing deadly traps and baddies.  There are more puzzles and baddies in the tunnels on screen 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7, until finally you reach one eyed willy’s ship, with more puzzles and all that treasure for you to stuff in your pockets.  On this final scene, one of the characters you play is the great man himself, Sloth.  After you have completed the game you are proudly declared one of The Goonies, Woohoo just what I’ve always wanted.

The Goonies the Game can also be played with two players with each player controlling one of the two Goonies on screen.  When playing one player you press the fire button to switch between controlling one of the two protagonists.

Is The Goonies on the C64 Naff?

As far as a licensed movie game goes, The Goonies is by far one of the better ones.  The graphics are pretty good for a C64 game back in 1985.  The sound fx work fine with the game and the music is ok, although it started to do my head after a short while. The controls are simple and respond well.  The gameplay is excellent and the difficulty factor is very good.  If you like platformer or puzzle games I would recommend giving this one a go.


rating 8/108 / 10

The Goonies C64 Cheats

  • Load or reset the game
  • Execute the following BASIC command before running or restarting
    • Select Level 1: Mr Sloth
    • Select Level 2: Goon Docks
    • Select Level 3: Doubloon
    • Select Level 4: One Eyed Willy
    • Unlimited lives: POKE 3002,173 or POKE 16005,173

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