Tutti Frutti – a Commodore 16 Classic

Tutti Frutti Commodore 16

Tutti Frutti was one of my all time favourite games on the Commodore 16.  The game was released in 1985. I still remember my mother buying it and my anticipation of shoving the cassette in and loading it up.

Tutti Frutti C16 Cover

Tutti Frutti C16 Cover

Tutti Frutti Credits

  • Produced by: Mr. Chip Software
  • Released by: Mastertronic
  • Coded by: Shaun Southern
  • Released: 1985
  • Genre: Puzzle, Arcade Action

Tutti Frutti The Game

Tutti Frutti probably comes under the genre of an action arcade game or puzzle perhaps.

You play the character of “Super Strawberry”.  The main aim of the game is to either collect cherries, drop apples or kill the enemies.  Your enemies are the “Acid Apple Gang” whom are intent on stopping you.  You can kill the Acid Apples by shooting them (maybe its a strawberry seed), dropping apples on them or pushing cherry blocks into them.  There is no real challenge to complete as you simply continue playing the levels to obtain a high a score as possible.  I played this game again recently for the first time in 30 odd years and it was still fun.

Is Tutti Frutti Naff?

No! Tutti Frutti is not Naff for a game on the Commodore 16 it had good graphics and fun gameplay, perhaps a bit repetitive for this day and age but as an 8 year old boy back in 1985 it was great fun.  The characters and the music were fun too. For a small, simple game, on a small machine back in 1985 it was good.

9 / 10 Rating

9 / 10

Cheats for Tutti Frutti

Cheat codes have to be entered into the Monitor.  To access the Monitor simply press “RUN/STOP” and “RESET” on the machine.  To restart the game after entering the cheat code type  G 2000
  • Unlimited lives:  >1F50 AD
  • Invincibility:  >20D2 24
  • Unlimited time:  >1A44 AD
  • Unlimited bonus:  >1A0C BD

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