New Xbox game in a Development Kit


Collector Discovers New Xbox Game

A game collector has discovered a new title on the first Xbox. A game that has never been seen before, hidden in an old development kit that was purchased through an online auction.

The unpublished project is called “Rebellious Bullet”, a 3D flying ship game. it is possible that the game may have been canceled during its development. You can see a video testing this new project shared by the user called DeChief.  Visit “DeChiefYouTube Channel.

Very little is known about this game “Rebellious Bullet”. Well, I couldn’t find much on it. The find has gone viral on social networks, so hopefully someone may come forward with more information.

If you want to try the game you will need a development kit similar to the one purchased or a modified console. Links for the game are in the video description on YouTube.

It is not unusual for developers to release games or demos that were never published or were cancelled before completion. Is “Rebellious Bullet” one of those games? Would this game have made it if it was ever published or is it just Naff?

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