Abadox: The Deadly Inner War

Abadox NES
Abadox NES

Abadox NES Cover

Abadox Credits

  • Published by: Milton Bradley
  • Developed by: Dynamic Planning, Natsume
  • Programers: Kimiya Sasaki, Seiichi Tajima, Kōichi Dekune
  • Producer: Takashi Nagai, Tadashi Makimura
  • Character Design: Hidenobu Takahashi
  • Sounds: Kiyohiro Sada
  • Released: 1990
  • Genre: Action, Shooter, Sci-fi

Abadox The Game

Game overview: Abadox is a Nintendo game, subtitled “The Deadly Inner War,” in which the player, as Second Lieutenant Nazal, battles an alien, Parasitis, that has engulfed the entire planet Abadox and assumed its shape. He must fly into the alien’s body in an attempt to rescue the swallowed Princess Maria. There are six stages, each divided into two parts:

  • Stage 1 – Surface/Mouth
  • Stage 2 – Throat/Esophagus
  • Stage 3 – Forest of blue nerves/Inner sanctum
  • Stage 4 – Stomach/Final digestive chamber
  • Stage 5 – Intestine/Nerve center
  • Stage 6 – Tube of death/Core

This game is your typical space-shooter, consisting of stage after stage of flying, shooting at enemies, collecting power-ups and dodging projectiles. Except for the unique bosses, little sets Abadox apart from the rest of the pack. The environments are the game’s second unusual feature – you get to fly inside a gigantic space alien. Abadox is graphically similar to the old arcade classic R-Type. The palette for most of the game is a mixture of reds and pinks – very appropriate in depicting internal organs.

Abadox NES Screenshot

Abadox NES

Abadox Game Story

In the year 5012, a strange cytoplasmic creature is sighted in your galaxy. It’s Parasitis! A deadly, formless mass which feeds on all life forms and assumes the shape of its swallowed prey! Parasitis rapidly advances upon your home planet, Abadox, and engulfs it!

From nearby space stations, the World Alive Force launches a full-scale attack. But the massive Parasitis crushes the entire squadron! An orbiting hospital ship is even swallowed whole – with the beautiful Princess Maria on board!

You are Second Lieutenant Nazal, the lone survivor of the Force. Sidelined from the action by your ship’s faulty energy drive, you witness the attack! But it’s not too late to join the battle!

Now your weapons are ready and your ship has been repaired! Jettison from your spacecraft, ignite your power pack and zoom into Parasitis’ grisly surface. Your Mission: To blast your way inside Parasitis’ nightmarish body and battle your way to its Core – to destroy it!

Fight your way inside its deadly mouth! Travel down its throat, through its nerve center – battling hordes of enemy antibodies and bacteria! Use lasers, guided missiles, and special orbiting shields to destroy them! Beware the Guardians that ward off all intruders – bombard them with fierce fire power! You must succeed to save the Universe and rescue Princess Maria!

Prepare to blast off! Your Mission begins!

Is Abadox on the NES Naff?

Abadox is a great game, the graphics and use of colors on the NES are superb.  The sounds are good and the controls respond well.  The gameplay is fairly difficult, but it is super fun to play even if it is just a straight forward space shooter.  Abadox is a game that has been overlooked by many and is one that deserves more credit.


8.5 / 10 rating

8.5 / 10


Abadox Gameplay Video

Abadox NES Game Cheats

Beating the robot boss

  • There’s a safe spot near where the beams shoot from the left. Find the spot, stay in it, and fire away until the boss dies.

Beating the eyeball

  • The safe spot is just to the left of the eyeball. Stay there and fire away.

Stage select

  • On the credits screen
  • Press Left, Up, Right, Down, Up, Right, Left, Down and then press
    • Up  – Stage 2
    • Left – Stage 3
    • Down – Stage 4
    • Right – Stage 5
    • Select – Stage 6
    • B – Stage 7


  • On the credits screen
  • Press A, A, Up, B, B, Down, A, B and Start

End of game

  • When the “Press Start” message appears
  • Press A, A, Up, B, B, Down, A, B, B and Start


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