Double Dragon NES

Double Dragon on the NES came in at number 8 on my top ten NES games video and article post.  In this article I’m going to be taking a closer look at this 1980’s timeless classic.

Double Dragon is perhaps one of the most well known beat ’em up games that has ever been released.  It has been ported to almost all machines from the Atari 2600 to the ZX Spectrum.

Double Dragon NES Cover

Double Dragon NES Cover


  • Published by:  Technos Japan Corp.
  • Developed by: Technos Japan Corp.
  • Programmers: Atsushi Tanimoto, Naritaka Nishimura, Genei Fukuhara, Shintaro Kumagai, M. Nomura
  • Graphics:  Koji Ogata, Shinichi Saitō
  • Music:  Kazunaka Yamane
  • Released: 1988
  • Genre:  Action, Arcade, Beat ’em up, Fighting

Double Dragon The Game

The story of the game is that of twin brothers Billy and Jimmy Lee.  Both of whom learned to fight on the tough city streets.  They have become formidable fighters with their expert knowledge of martial arts and their street smart ways.

The mysterious Shadow Boss and his street gang known as the Black Warriors have kidnapped Billy’s girlfriend, Marion.  To rescue his girlfriend Billy must fight his way through the slums, factories and the woodland outskirts of the city to reach the secret hideout of the Shadow Boss.

Double Dragon Screenshots

At the beginning of the game your skills are limited to punches and kicks.  You acquire more skills with more experience points gained.  For every 1000 points you gain a life heart and a new move.

  • 1000 points – Uppercut
  • 2000 points – Flying kick
  • 3000 points – Head grab
  • 4000 points – Ground / pin attack
  • 5000 points – Elbow strike
  • 6000 points – Spin Kick

You can also use any weapons that the gang members drop such as knives, whips and barrels.  Once you have defeated the Shadow Boss and you have saved your girlfriend, you have a quick smooch and that’s the end of what is, a great game.

Double Dragon VS. Mode

An additional novelty to Double Dragon on the NES is that you have a choice of game styles.  You can either play the story mode or you can play a vs. mode.  The vs. mode is a one on one fighting game where you can fight as 1 of 6 different characters, either as Billy or one of the enemy characters.

Double Dragon on the NES Naff?

No, no, no… Double Dragon on the NES is far from Naff.  It is a very good game, it does have some minor glitches but what the developers have accomplished on this small 8bit machine is truly wonderful.  The graphics are superb with great backgrounds and character animations.  The music is fantastic and the sound fx fit well with the gameplay.  The controls are good and respond as expected.  The gameplay is great and is what really makes this game work.  The more you play and lose, the more you want to come back and complete it.

Simply put, Double Dragon on the NES is great.  An all time classic and one of the best arcade conversions of its time.


9 / 10 Rating9 / 10

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  • AAUNYLPA Freeze the timer countdown
  • AEUTLZZA Start game with 1 life
  • IEUTLZZA Start game with 6 lives
  • AEUTLZZE Start game with 9 lives
  • XTKNXEZK More energy for player 2 or the CPU
  • XTKYOEZK More energy for player 1
  • AZUYZLAL Timer will count down fast
  • APUYZLAL Timer will count down super-fast

First Level Glitch

  • Play the first level until you see the second set of double doors
  • Take notice of the two vertical bars on the right hand wall
  • Kill all of the enemies
  • Then center Billy between the bars
  • You can climb up and down without turning the characters back to you
  • Go up, you can go off screen without losing a life
  • When you are high up, press LEFT or RIGHT and you will “teleport” to ground level.

Avoid Level 2 Boss

  • At the end of mission 2
  • When the boss comes out of the door
  • Climb down the ladder
  • Keep climbing down
  • After descending two or three platforms you should hear the win sound the boss is defeated

Gain Abilities Quickly

  • In mission two
  • After crossing the pit by climbing onto the fence and moving right
  • Two enemies start walking towards you
  • When the one closer to the top of the screen and almost walks past the red steel beams in the background
  • Climb the fence, walk back past the pit and climb off the fence
  • Climb back on and head back to where the two Wills enemies were coming at you
  • Start kicking and punching where the Wills near the beams were
  • You’ll should start hitting Invisible Wills
  • Keep on kicking and punching until you get all your hearts and techniques for mission 2

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