Yo! Noid on the NES

Yo! Noid Nes

In the 1980s and early 1990s there was pizza ruining character created as a mascot for Dominos Pizza and his name was “The Noid”.  Yo! Noid on the NES wasn’t the first game to feature this character.  There was a game called “Avoid the Noid” that was released for the Commodore 64 and DOS a year earlier.  Today though I’m going to take a look at the NES game Yo! Noid where Capcom teamed up with the Domino’s Pizza company to promote this crazy looking character.


Yo! Noid NES Cover

Yo! Noid NES Cover

Yo! Noid Credits

  • Published by: Capcom Co. Ltd.
  • Developed by: Now Production Co. Ltd.
  • Released: Nov 1990
  • Genre: Platformer, Action


Yo! Noid the Game

So you play as The Noid and you have been blamed for the mischievous antics of Mr. Green (a green Noid) whom is causing mayhem across New York City.  You must clear The Noids name and save the city by catching the naughty impersonator.

In this platformer you run, jump, fly, skate and scoff pizza through 14 levels.  Your weapon of choice is your stringy yo-yo that is used to fight off all those that get in your way.  Make it through all the levels and beat Mr. Green and The Noid will be rewarded with a lifetime supply of his favourite food, pizza.

The Noid loses a life by making contact with an enemy or if you run out of time.  You gain an extra life for every 20,000 points scored.


Yo! Noid was a rehash of a Japanese game called “Kamen no Ninja Hanamaru” where you you play as a masked ninja named Hanamaru.  For the game Yo! Noid, most of the graphics and sounds were changed from the original.  The games mechanics were basically the same, as was most of the music.  Although to help the game fit in to the American market, some new music tracks were produced.

Kamen no Ninja Hanamaru was first released in Japan on March 16, 1990 with Yo! Noid being released to the rest of the world in November of the same year.

Is Yo! Noid Naff

I can’t compare Yo! Noid to the original release Kamen no Ninja Hanamaru as I have never played it.  What I can say though is that Yo! Noid isn’t that bad. If it wasn’t for it being a licensed game with some crazy looking mascot, I’m sure it would have received a far better reception from the critics.  The graphics are pretty good, the backgrounds are nicely drawn and the animations are good.  The music and sound fx are ok, nothing fantastic but they work with the game.  The gameplay is ok, it can be fun to play at times.  Having said that though, there are some areas that require perfect timing and manoeuvring, making Yo! Noid a challenging and somewhat frustrating game.




Rating 6/106 / 10

Yo! Noid Cheat Mode


  • At the Title Screen
  • Press Up, Up, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, A, B, A, Up
  • A new options screen should be displayed


Level 3 Teleport


  • Immediately before reaching the fourth opponent on level 3
  • Press Up, Up, Down, Down A


Game Genie Codes


  • SXXLIGVG Stop timer
  • IAKUVGPA More magic from small scrolls
  • AEUGSKTZ Multi-mega-jumps
  • PAXSNZLA 1 continue
  • TAXSNZLA 6 continues
  • ZEVSKPPA Start on stage 2
  • GEVSKPPA Start on stage 4
  • TEVSKPPA Start on stage 6
  • AEVSKPPE Start on stage 8
  • ZEVSKPPE Start on stage 10
  • GEVSKPPE Start on stage 12
  • AUUIVPZL + AKUSOPZG Start with 1 life
  • IUUIVPZL + IKUSOPZG Start with 6 lives
  • PUUIVPZU + PKUSOPZK Start with 9 lives
  • SXKTTUVK + SXKVPUVK Infinite lives

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