Super Star Wars on the Mega Drive?

Was there going to be a version of Super Star Wars developed for the Mega Drive?  Possibly.

Super Star Wars was a fantastic game on the Super Nintendo where we could play out the story of “A New Hope” as the characters Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and the walking carpet Chewbacca.

The game was such a success that it was followed up by the Super Empire Strikes Back and Super Return of the Jedi. Making the full trilogy of the fantastic Star Wars saga.  If you were a Star Wars fan back in the day, it could quite easily have been the reason you bought a Super Nintendo and not a Mega Drive.

Plans to port Super Star Wars to the Mega Drive and PC were canceled by LucasArts in the mid 1990’s.  However, there is now, after all this time a ported version of Super Star Wars available for the Sega Mega Drive from the guys over at Hidden Palace and The Cutting Room Floor.

On the Super Nintendo there were various levels that made use of the famous Super Nintendo Mode 7, like the level aboard the Speeder in Tatooine or the attack on the Death Star.  Mega Drive did not have the feature to simulated a 3D effect, in the video below you can be see that they managed to include a prototype version of the level on board the Speeder.

So, what do think?  Should there have been a Mega Drive version released?  Why would they cancel further development of the ported versions seeing how successful the game was on the Super Nintendo?  Maybe we’ll never know.

If you would like to download the prototype of the unreleased Star Wars for the Sega Mega Drive.  You can over at Hidden Palace.

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