Action Fighter

Action Fighter
Action Fighter

Action Fighter Cover

Action Fighter Credits

  • Published by:  Firebird Software
  • Developed by:  SEGA Enterprises Ltd.
  • Produced by: Mr. Chip Software
  • Re-released by: Visa Soft
  • Coded by: Shaun Southern
  • Released:  1989
  • Genre:  Action, Racing, Driving, Arcade, Shooter, Flight, Motorcycle

Action Fighter The Game

This is probably the most generic video game name ever, but hey, at least the game’s good. You operate three vehicles while shooting down the computer vehicles. The first vehicle is a motorcycle, the second is a car, and the third is an airplane, which looks a lot like the car with wings.

The gameplay consists of shooting at pretty much everything. When you start off in the motorcycle just shoot all the other vehicles on the road. Two things will periodically happen as you journey through the repeating streets. One, a truck with SEGA written on top will appear. When this happens all the other cars will be gone from the road. Drive into the back of it for a power up. The truck will be going fast so you may have to speed up depending on your current speed. There are four power ups, and they are shooting double bullets, shooting a missile, shooting out of the back, and a temporary shield. The second thing is the letters A to F appearing in small tablets. Pick these up. Once you make it to D your motorcycle will turn into a car. Once you pick up F, you will be nearing the end of the on road part of the level and soon be moving onto the air part. The air part is harder. At the end of it awaits the boss of the level.

Action Fighter Screenshot

Action Fighter Screenshot

Two things to watch out for are your speed and helicopters while on the road. Make sure you aren’t going too fast or too slow to avoid accidents with other cars and the sides of the road. Helicopters will drop bombs on you while you are driving the car but the second power up, the missiles, can take the helicopters out.


The controls are displayed at the start of the game but I’ll put them here anyway. Z steers left and X steers right. O accelerates and K brakes. P fires and H is pause. The screen with the controls also says P restarts beside pause but I haven’t found that to work. I assumed it meant that P restarted while in pause, but it didn’t work.

Important Technical Note:

This game runs too fast under the default DOSBox setting of 2000 Cpu Cycles. I recommend 500, but you can play around with it and find the speed that best suits you. To set this, use the Profile Wizard to set up your game profile in D-Fend. Press F2 or click on the little wizard’s hat under File. After choosing the game file and naming the profile, click the next button on the bottom that looks like >>. On the following screen, select 500 under Cycles. Click on “Accept all defaults” and you’re ready to go. To change the Cpu Cycles during the game, press Ctrl+F11 and Ctrl+F12 to slow down and speed up the cycles, respectively.

Is Action Fighter Naff?

Action Fighter on the Pc is technically successful. The varied gameplay of “Action Fighter” is very good. The graphics, sounds and controls are good, the CGA graphics are better than the EGA.  Overall it’s a good game.


8 / 10

Cheat Codes for Action Fighter

For Infinite Lives & Energy:

  • In the High-Score table
  • Enter:  ZBACKDOOR


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