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Alley Cat DOS
Alley Cat
Alley Cat Cover

Alley Cat Cover

Alley Cat Credits

  • Published by:  Kotobuki-Raison
  • Developed by:  Synapse Software
  • Released:  1984
  • Made by:  Bill Williams
  • Genre:  Action, Arcade, Platform

Alley Cat The Game

Alley Cat was written by Bill Williams over 20 years ago, yet the gameplay is still good. You play a cat whose goal is to get a female cat by completing a bunch of obstacles and mini-missions. The main playing screen features a bunch of windows above a fence. Wait until one is open and jump into it. Watch out for dogs and other dangers. Once inside a window, you will have to perform a task, ranging from catching fish in an aquarium to catching mice in a huge piece of cheese. Be careful to not jump back out of the window, as you will fail the task and be taken back to the main playing screen.

After you finish a task, you are taken back to the main screen and you can go into another window. This time, you are taken to a screen with a bunch of hearts and cats. Make your way to the top cat, and you will get your girlfriend. Do this a couple of times to beat the game.

The controls for Alley Cat are easy. Use the cursor keys to move the cat and Alt in to do special stuff like drink for the bowls of dogs or enter the cheese.

Is Alley Cat Naff?

It’s not the best nor is it the worst game in the world.


5 / 10

Cheat Codes for Alley Cat

To receive nine lives press:  CTRL + 9

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