Things Your PS2 Could Do

Can you remember what your PlayStation 2 could do? It could do anything from connecting to the internet, using it as a computer, to some of the craziest peripherals.

The PlayStation 2 was a very successful console. It appeared on the market 20 years ago, released March 4th 2000.  Although it was replaced by PS3 in 2007, its production lasted about 13 years, and it sold around 155 million units.

Although by today’s standards the technology that the PS2 incorporated seems very old fashioned.  It was at the time, a machine that laid the foundations for what would come with future generations of consoles.  Here are just a few things that you may or may not have forgotten, your PS2 could do.

Play DVDs

PS2 could play DVDsMost electronic devices at the turn of the century only had a single function.  This was changed with the launch of the PS2, as it could also play DVDs.

This made the PS2 a true worldwide success.  It was not only for gaming as many people only used the PS2 as a DVD player.  In addition, you could also record discs, although you exposed yourself to certain risks that could compromise the console.

Play PSX Games

PS2 was backward compatible with PSXOh yes, one of the greatest features of the PS2, was that is was backward compatible with the first PlayStation, also known as the PSX.  You could play all your favourite PSX games on the new PlayStation 2.  The only downside was you couldn’t save your progress to the PS2 memory card.

PS2 Motion detection

PS2 Eye Toy
Do you remember the EyeToy?  It was a revolutionary camera device that could detect your body movement and allows you to interact with the onscreen action, and could use facial scanning for our characters.  There wasn’t a huge amount of games that used the EyeToy. There was enough if you liked that kind of thing, with games like EyeToy Monkey Mania and Dance Dance Revolution Extreme to name a couple of titles.

The EyeToy did have a few of problems, it didn’t have the best quality and didn’t detect us very well, but in its day it was something that was completely new for consoles.

Increase Resolution

PS2 resolution

480p resolution is perhaps something that seems ridiculous to us today, with respect to what we see in the current generation consoles that is.  And, in the beginning it was thought that PS2 could only run games at 480p.  Amazingly though, it was possible to manually increase the resolution on the PS2.  This was something that was a massive advancement for the time.  Unfortunately, it was believed that it could pose some problems and it was eventually removed from the console.

Connect to the Internet

PS2 Connected to the Internet

Today it is normal and expected for devices, particularly games consoles to have access to the Internet.  In the early 2000’s this was something that very few consoles could do.  The PS2 was one of those consoles that could connect to the internet.

Sony released a network adaptor that allowed players to connect to the internet and use some of the online features of some PS2 games.  At the time of its launch, there were very few that had online functions, but there are some examples that allowed the internet to be used to play against other players worldwide.

Eight Players Playing

PS2 Multitap

The PS2 only had two controller ports.  But you may remember there was an accessory called, the PS2 Multitap.  The PS2 Multitap allowed us to play with up to eight players simultaneously on the same console.  It’s much easier these days, everyone can connect to the internet and play with their friends, but back in the early 2000’s it was difficult to have a smooth and stable connection on a console.

Horizontally or Vertically

PS2 Vertical

Early games consoles were quite sensitive machines, so you could shout at them too much.  Na, it was advisable not to move them or knock them about to much, especially when they had a game inside.  The PS2 though, was quite different.  You could place it both horizontally and vertically, something that is much more common today.

Connect to the PSP

Connect PS2 to PSP

The PSP or PlayStation Portable, was the first portable console from Sony.  It had a function that allowed us to connect it to our PlayStation 2.  The functions were not as extensive as what could be done with the PS4 and PS Vita, but it did incorporate some interesting extras.

We could play with the PSP as if it were another normal controller, or even play remotely, something very revolutionary for the time. As PSP became more and more popular, more features were incorporated into games.

Use PS2 as a PC

PS2 as PC

Did you know that the PS2 could be used as if it were a computer. The Sony console had a special package that allowed you to use the console to create your own games, or even use the internet.  This was a huge step forward for the independent gaming industry, and those who wanted to turn their console into a PC could purchase a package that came with a keyboard, mouse, Linux, network adaptor and a 40GB hard drive.


PS2 thrustmaster

In the time of the PS2, there was a large number of peripherals for different games, such as the pistols for playing shooters, or the steering wheels for driving games, but there was a specific accessory that caught the attention of Thrustmaster.  Do you remember an accessory called Fighting Arena?  An accessory that allowed us to train while we played, such as the game and accessories that Nintendo has recently released, Ring Fit Adventure.

Did you do?  Or do you remember any of these things on your PS2 console?  Are there any other curious things that you could do with your PS2?  Let me know in the comments.

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