Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions
Terms and Conditions


Here at NaffTaff we respect the righteous intellectual property of other dudes and we prohibit members and users from uploading materials and stuff that could be comprehensively protected by ill copyrights.  NaffTaff can accept no responsibility for the material uploaded by our member users.  If you believe that your work has been unrighteously copied in a way that constitutes the most bogus copyright infringement. Please let us know and we will totally remove the stuff.

Ts and Cs

By using NaffTaff, you totally agree to endure and accept the terms and conditions that detailed below.  If you break any of these rad terms it may result in the removal of your user account and all your Bodacious content:

  • NaffTaff reserves the right to remove any postings and content from the site at any time and for any reason.
  • All post and content that you Most Triumphantly contributed to the NaffTaff web site must not be threatening, obscene, harassing, heinous, libelous, indecent, smutty, x-rated or offensive.
  • The authors of any contributed posts and content most definitely agree to transfer copyright ownership to NaffTaff and allow the contents to be edited or modified to gratify the requirements of the website.
  • NaffTaff will accept no responsibility for the contents of any material contributed by its users.
  • Users and Members can only upload materials that they have created themselves or for which they own the copyright.
  • Any Bogus Copyright infringement, we’ll remove it from the website.  Totally see the copyright policy for more info dudes.
  • NaffTaff possesses the legit right to suspend or remove any user account and associated stuff at any time.
  • NaffTaff totally reserves the bombdiggity rights to amend these Lame terms and conditions at any time.